leon else

Leon Else

Soul. Power. Real. Incredible. Leon Else, artist to watch. Labels and radio are all over Leon already. Since the release of his debut single ‘Protocol’ in January, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter has won the esteem of the music industry’s key influencers – and the hearts of the fashion world’s most renowned designers. Managed by Turn First Artists, the musical innovators behind the likes of Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea and Ellie Goulding, Leon will release the debut EP River Full of Liquor this summer with the eponymous first single getting its worldwide debut today.

PR: Tom Mehrtens



Newcomers XO! are made up of South Bronx rapper Maliibu Miitch and classically trained singer/dancer Helene Britany. The duo bring fierceness, feistiness and a certain freshness to the music scene. In this video they are showcasing their chops with the Chris Brown hit “Loyal.” With major labels barking up their tree, this is just the beginning for these talented ladies.

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SoundCloud XO!HeleneMaliibuMiitch

sam smith follow up

Sam Smith Goes International

Yes, we also told you about Sam Smith before the hype was real for this soul driven male artist. Soon after our posting, Sam released “Stay With Me,” which as become an international radio hit, went 2x platinum and has over 32 Million plays on YouTube.


Kiesza does it again

Our executives at WorldHits have been featuring Kiesza since November 2013. We told you Kiesza was destined to be a star in our original post. After saying she was already “heavily on the radar of many major label executives,” with a major deal on its way, Kiesza has officially hit the Billboard charts, bubbling at pop radio, while hitting #9 on Dance Club Songs and Top 15 on Hot Dance/Electronic Songs. Her single “Hideaway” has hit number 1 on the Official U.K. Singles charts, and the video has hit 50 MILLION plays. Her album has just released on “Island”…

b robin

B Robin

B Robin’s new music can only be described as one of the most anticipated international debuts of the year. The industry has been waiting vividly to see how fast this up and coming Swedish artist can climb the charts. All his talent has been canned in the studio for a while now, writing, recording and working hard. It’s about time to let B Robin make his appearance and for the world to start getting familiar with his soulful voice.

Management: Johannes Lagtun

Kristinia DeBarge

Kristinia DeBarge

Kristinia DeBarge has the makings of a becoming a household name. Part of what makes Kristinia the real deal are her sultry voice, mixed with her diverse look and her family’s long history in the music business. This girl can act, can dance, can write, can sing. She does it all. Raised in the quaint heart of small city, South Pasadena, Kristinia’s career is destined to be anything but small.

Management: Aurora Pfeiffer
Press Contact: Anna Paula Goncalves

jackie boyz

Jackie Boyz

The sultry sounds of Rhythm & Blues infused with contemporary energy have birthed the new sound of Progressive Soul, best defined by the triple threat duo, Jackie Boyz. This Grammy-Award Winning tandem’s ability to write, sing, and perform has touched the hearts of many and has paved the way for their musical success. Jackie Boyz have proved that their talents ensure hits and are highly sought after knowing that they bring success and a sweet Savannah flair to every project they are involved with.

As Artists, Jackie Boyz have released two well-received albums in Japan. “Love & Beyond” and “Songs in My Blackberry” continue to sell thousands of digital downloads both domestically and internationally. You will find that the two brothers known as Jackie Boyz, bring the soul back into music, the heart back into artistry and the innovation back into business. As producers and songwriters, the duo have made hits with Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Madonna, David Guetta, Big Time Rush, Jay Sean, Flo Rida, Candice Glover and Nick Cannon, to name a few. These brothers are destined for even greater heights. Watch out world!


adam harrison

Interview with Adam Harrison

Adam Harrison / Career Artist Management “CAM” – Has Managed: Maroon 5, Robin Thicke, Gavin DeGraw among others.

WorldHits.TV: At what point does an individual need a manager these days? What exactly does a manager do?

Adam Harrison: The artist needs a manager when they’re no longer able to handle the duties of organizing their own business. A manager’s role is to bring in more relationships, provide opportunities and quarterback the team built around the artist. But I don’t think it’s the manager’s job to sell the artist. That needs to come from the passion, organic marketing , word of mouth, vitalness and vitalness of the artist.



Interview with Jeff Peters

We are happy to introduce a new section to WorldHits.TV – Music Business Interviews with top industry professionals. This is the first of many to come.

Jeff Peters – Has Managed: Papa Roach, Hollywood Undead, Christian Burghardt (Kemosabe/RCA) among others. Founding member and bassist of Flogging Molly.

WorldHits.TV: As a long time successful manager in the music business, what specifically do you look for in artists you want to sign?

Jeff Peters: They (the artist) must be different than, and from anything else out there. They must be unique. They must be carving out their own path. They should not be comparable to anyone else out there. They should be leaders, not followers. So many new artists try and copy a current artists that has made it successfully in a big way, thinking that if they do the same thing musically, song wise, image wise as that successful artist, then surely that will make them successful as well. WRONG.

This is a simple example of that point. As we are all aware, in the last two years Adele has absolutely blown up in a huge way. Nearly 12 million copies of “21” have been sold in the USA alone…….and close to 28 million worldwide. There will only ever be one Adele. Yet many other record labels to Adele`s are telling their staff….”Go find another Adele”…….Does that mean go find another 23year old Girl, who is close to 5 foot eleven inches in height, and is a little weighty. Must have a great voice…….OH and is also English, and has toured and sold quite a few records on her first release “19”……… Are you beginning to get the picture?? You cannot find another Adele……because another Adele is not out there, and if you did find another girl who was exactly the same as Adele is in every way…….Do you know what every label would say then….”This girl is too much like Adele”!!!!

So I look for difference. Yes I want talent. I want to see a great performer. I want to hear great original songs. I want to hear one amazing voice. I want them to have an amazing image…..but I want that artist to be THEMSELVES….and only be THEMSELVES……. I`m not looking for another Bruno Mars….because another Bruno Mars……would just be Bruno Mars!!!

I want individuality in any new artist I may want to sign.

WorldHits.TV: Where do recording artists make the majority of their income during their careers? Most artists think their album sales will be #1 on that list. Is this true?

Jeff Peters:This is a myth that all new artists believe when they first start seriously thinking about making Music the main aim/job in their lives. Let me explain.

There are four main earning streams that any artist or band will earn an income from……..and I will place them in the order of where they will make the most income from first, going to down the list of four, to what will earn them the least amount of income.

1.) Touring

2.) Merchandise

3.) Publishing

4.) Record Royalties

Touring will always be the biggest income stream that any artist makes their income from. No matter how many records an artist sells, the more records they sell, the bigger the venues they will play. Merchandising will be the second biggest income stream, then Publishing and finally Record Royalties.

WorldHits.TV: Which of these two have the best chance at success? The right artist with the wrong song or a mediocre artist with the right song?

Jeff Peters:I would have thought the answer here would be pretty obvious. “SONGS can make or break a career”…… Basically EVERYTHING should go and be aimed at the secondary point below. (……….mediocre artist with the right song? ) Meaning…it`s all about the song. Of course if an artist is butt ugly, it`s not the greatest selling tool…….but still with the right/hit song the not so great (mediocre) looking artist, could still have a hit and a career. But of course if one has developed one amazing artist (voice/looks/performer/image)…..and you pair that artist with the right, or hit song…..then of course you have the makings of a huge world star, with a long career.

As I say, the answer here is pretty obvious.